Chicago Firsts

26 02 2013

First Ferris wheel

The world’s first Ferris wheel was created for Chicago’s Columbian Exposition in 1893. Pictured is the Ferris wheel at the city’s Navy Pier.


Des Plaines, Ill., became home to the nation’s first McDonald’s franchise on April 15, 1955.


Ike Sewell and Richard Novaretti are credited with coming up with the world’s first artery-clogging, delicious deep dish pizza in Chicago at their Pizzeria Uno in 1943

— chef Rudy Malnati likely had something to do with the invention as well


Chicago has long been the world’s capital of pinball manufacturing. Raymond Maloney, later of Bally
Manufacturing Company, is credited with inventing “Ballyhoo,” the pinball machine that spurred on the games’ popularity, in the 1930s.


The game of softball is said to have originated in Chicago in 1887. The pictured monument in Bronzeville commemorates the feat.




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